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Grimes County DWI Defense Attorney

Field Sobriety Tests and Drunk Driving Charges in Texas

A driver will face Grimes County DWI charges because he is thought to have been “intoxicated” while operating a motor vehicle. Under Texas law, “intoxicated” means having a blood alcohol or breath alcohol level of .08% or greater, or having one’s normal mental/physical abilities impaired due to the use of alcohol and/or drugs. A person may be charged under either definition of intoxication, or under both. While breath and blood testing is used to determine the former type of intoxication, field sobriety tests are used to determine the latter (physical and/or mental impairment).

As an experienced Grimes County DWI lawyer, Doug Atkinson is familiar with helping clients who have been charged with DWI according to mental or physical impairment. Attorney Atkinson understands that failing a field sobriety test does not necessarily mean that a driver is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. In fact, a number of other physical conditions may lead to a failure of one or more field sobriety tests.

Field Sobriety Tests in Grimes County

The following factors may contribute to a driver performing poorly on a field sobriety test:

  • Tiredness
  • Illness
  • A physical injury
  • The shoes the driver is wearing (for instance, high heels may make it difficult to balance)
  • Road and weather conditions
  • Poor instructions by the officer
  • An elderly driver
  • Nervousness
  • An innate inability to easily follow directions
  • An inner ear infection, leading to imbalance

Grimes County DWI Defense Lawyer

DWI defense attorney Douglas Atkinson is experienced in helping clients who have been arrested for drunk driving in conjunction with failed field sobriety tests. The three main tests used, which have been standardized by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), are the walk and turn, horizontal gaze nystagmus and one leg stand.

No matter the type of DWI or DUI charges that you are facing, Doug Atkinson may be able to help you. He offers his services as a skilled DWI defense lawyer for felony DWI, DWI with injury, out of state DWI, multiple DWI and underage DWI charges.

Contact Grimes County DWI lawyer Douglas Atkinson regarding your field sobriety tests and DWI or DUI arrest.

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